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Do you need an app? That's what we do - we create apps individually and detailed. Whether for desktop or mobile: we support all popular platforms - from idea to the full product.

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Safe Places

Make your daily life easier with "Safe Places"!






In addition to performing contract work for our customers, we design and develop our own computer games in different genres. We are currently working on a big project, which is expected to go into testing in summer 2017. We will keep you up to date!

We have already realized a few smaller games. You can play or download a selection of them here.

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Invent the Wheel

It's not just a game. IT'S SCIENCE!

Golden Goose

A game all based on old handhelds - in looks, concept and feels. Find the golden eggs!


Help the famous avalanche Dog Barry to save skiers and snowboarders!


Do you want your customers to take notice of your company by elegantly and convincingly presenting it? Or do you want the spotlight of a public event pointed at you? We are your reliable and experienced partner - regardless of what you want to present and where. With a customized presentation medium we will help you to make a lasting impression!

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A small game focused on safety in sports.


Enter and display results for events from Die Mobiliar - Indoor Sports.

Memory 2.0

'Memory 2.0' is a two part game, which focuses on safety in sports.


Every game developer knows: Time is money. Therefore, it's sometimes helpful to have an handy and ideally multi-purposed tool at hand without needing to create it yourself. Our approach: Efficient solutions - made by game developers, for game developers.

Visit us directly on the Asset Store.

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Helpful Text-to-Speech solution for a wide variety of different projects.


Will decrease the time it takes to switch between platforms significantly - very useful if you work for different platforms!


A filter for words, which will check input and render it invalid if it's deemed offensive.


Everyone needs a website. It's just a matter of quality; we offer sites that are up to the state of art - responsive, stable, functional and user-friendly at each end. If required, each offer comes with an individual and sexy design.

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A web application for the personal trainer company FitExpert.


A web application, corresponding to the learning platform OCT Vision.


A learning platform, made for an ophthalmologist.