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    Oust Santa!


    Ho, ho, ho!

    Our submission for LudumDare 31. Theme: «The whole game on the screen».

    It was December, so it wasn't hard to find an idea!

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    Like every year, Santa Claus brings the gifts. This year is no exception.

    Or is it? Suddenly, there's a whole horde of Santas streaming into our peaceful village. Are they frauds? No, they seem to adorn the village to bring Christmas.

    Whether we want it or not.


    Aim and shoot with the snow cannon to drive out the pushy Santas before they decorate the whole village!


    • Endless level: Collect points, but do not forget: They're not going to give up before it is Christmas in the whole village!
    • Harmonious sound: Three great Christmas songs
    • Day-night cycle: Days and nights are passing by (I've really been playing for so long?)
    • Highscore: How long can you resist Christmas?


    Loffice 10900
    Se Boss 10900
    Lucien Ryter 7700
    Lucien 7600
    Jess 4300
    Lsurface 3300
    Thomas 2100
    Jonas 2000
    Patrick 1600
    Moffice 1500
    Test User 1500
    Surface 1200
    Fabian 1000
    kent 700
    Crosstales 300
    Ct 300
    Stefan 200
    Ctsurface 100
    Default 100


    Tower Defense

    Number of Players




    Left Mouse Button - Shoot


    Web, Windows, Mac, Linux