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    Our First Game

    Flatland was our first completed game.

    It has been developed within 30 hours during the Global Game Jam 2014.

    The theme was «We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are».

    Download Windows-version
    Download macOS-version
    Download Linux-version


    Springy, Rocky and Woody have always been best friends. Day by day they happily followed their tasks as desk utensils. But then, one day, Woody vanished! Surprised and scared about his disappearance, his friends searched for him everywhere but didn't manage to find him.

    After hours of desperate search they decided to leave the desk, to enter the wide unknown world outside, not knowing what awaited them there.

    Thus began their epic journey.


    Join Rocky and Springy on their journey and help them to meet the challenges that lie before them.

    Key Features

    • Teamplay: Cooperative Jump'n'Run
    • Creative: Create your own levels using one simple ASCII editor!


    Cooperative jump'n'run with puzzle elements.

    Number of Players



    Mouse & Keyboard

    A / D - Move left / right

    W | Left Mouse Button - Jump

    Controller (Left Stick)

    Left / Right- Move left / right

    Up - Jump


    Windows, Mac, Linux