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    Customer project for Suva Liv

    Buzzer is a pure quiz game that can be played alone or with a partner.

    It's dealing with safety in sports.

    This project was used in sporting events of Suva Liv.

    About the App

    Single player: The participant answers questions within a given time limit.

    Duel-Mode: Both participants have to answer the same questions. The one who first gave the correct answer gets the points.

    Once the game finishes, participants may enter their names and optionally specify their email addresses. The data will be stored and displayed in the ranking list on the main screen.

    In the integrated admin area, the game can be configured freely. For example, you can add more questions.

    Key Features

    • Single Player and Duel mode
    • Rankings for "last participant" and the "top 10"
    • Integrated Bad Word Filter
    • Multilingual (DE/FR/IT)

    Number of players



    The game can be controlled via touch screen, buzzers or mouse & keyboard.