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    Dedication to an animal hero

    Our entry for LudumDare 29 - and our first Ludum Dare entry ever!

    Theme: «Beneath the Surface». This small, lovingly designed game is dedicated to the famouse avalanche dog Barry.

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    Download Linux-version
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    Imagine: you are planning a holiday in the mountains. Then it's happening - you grab your skis or snowboard to join the fun, the sky is clear and you're ready to go down the slopes!

    But then the weather turns and out of nowhere a snow storm comes up, an avalanche! You're captured underneath the treacherous snow, no way to escape and you're running out of breath!

    No one can save you now - except Barry!


    Help Barry to find the buried athletes so he can rescue them. The time's short, no time to dig in the wrong places - don't forget, every life counts!

    Key features

    • Help Barry: The dog that went down in the history!
    • Short-term memory: Remember where you last saw the skiers.
    • Time pressure: Do not hesitate, otherwise every help for the victims comes too late!


    Simulation, Point’n‘Click

    Number of Players



    All Platforms: Mouse & Keyboard

    Left Mouse Button - Move Barry

    Space - Dig

    P - Pause game


    Windows, Mac, Linux, WebGL


    Stefan Laubenberger; code, idea, design, GUI

    Anika Weber; graphics, idea

    Dustin Jonas; animation, SFX, GUI, idea

    Marisa Meyer; SFX, idee