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    South Africa


    An interactive photo album

    For this entry, we had set ourselves two goals:

    Firstly we wanted to show some of the amazing pictures we have held during our trip to South Africa.

    And secondly, we wanted to experiment with a set of new skills; a high light configuration, a virtual living room and the interaction with particle effects.

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    An interactive photo album containing pictures from our South Africa travel 2014.

    Key Features

    • Complete living room interior design
    • High end lighting configuration
    • Photo album to browse through more than 20 pictures of our travel
    • Zoom function
    • Particle effects


    • A / D | Left / Right Mouse Button on a page - previous / next page
    • W / S | Arrow Key Up / Down | Mouse Wheel (Scroll) - Zoom


    Marisa Meyer; photos, editing

    Stefan Laubenberger; implementation