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    A HDR screensaver with beautiful panorama pictures.

    A HDR (high dynamic range) screensaver with our company logo and mirror effect.

    Download CT-screensaver for Windows

    Key Features

    • 18 different HDR panoramas
    • Crosstales logo with IBL-Shaders
    • Spectacular lighting effects
    • Random rotation speed




    Do you want to try the screensaver? So let's go:

    • 1. Download: Screensaver
    • 2. Extract the RAR archive in a folder of your choice
    • 3. Copy the folder ct_Data and the file ct.exe
    • 4. Navigate to the Windows root directory (usually C:\Windows) (Hint: use the search box: "%windir%")
    • 5. Paste the files there
    • 6. You may now use the screensaver using the appropriate window (Hint: use the search box: "Screen saver"
    • 7. Have fun!