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    Online Check


    Stay connected

    Online Check is a simple, configurable asset to reliably check your connection to the Internet - in the editor as well as at runtime, where you need it, when you need it.

    Available on the Asset Store
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    Download for Android
    Download for Linux
    Download for MacOS
    Download for Windows
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    Unity's internal reachability check returns the type of Internet reachability possible on the current device. As mentioned in their documentation, this does not check for your actual connectivity - it only determines whether the device can, for example, connect to a hot spot. That's not very helpful if the actual route to the network is unavailable.

    Online Check's main purpose is to gain a little bit more comfort by keeping track of your connection state, without consulting your browser or the OS display, which both usually cause an unnecessary delay. This tool doesn't check if you're connected to a specific network. It checks if you have access to the Internet, which, for example, comes in handy when you're on the road connected to a public WiFi.


    Internet connectivity

    • Reliably check for Internet connectivity:
      • Run on Start: Run the check as soon as the scene loads
      • Manual Mode: Check whenever you need it
      • Endless Mode: Automatically check continuously between intervals
      • Fallback check: Keeps checking in case of connection loss
    • Freely configurable intervals
    • Detect the kind of Internet connection (carrier or local network)
    • Maximum 8 KB of data downloaded per hour (at 10 checks per minute)
    • Industry grade captive portal detection methods:
      • Google204
      • GoogleBlank
      • MicrosoftNCSI
      • Apple (HTTPS)
      • Ubuntu
    • Verify a custom URL (e.g. to check if a server is alive)
    • Ping check to determine the round-trip-time
    • Speed test to measure the download speed
    • Network information, like public/local IPs, MACs etc.
    • Specialized checks for each platform:
      • Windows / WSA (UWP)
      • macOS / iOS
      • Linux / Android
      • Generic for all other platforms and devices

    Documentation & control

    • Test the checks in the editor!
    • Powerful API for maximum control!
    • Proxy manager for Internet connections!
    • Detailed demo scenes!
    • Comprehensive documentation and support!
    • Full C# source code


    • Supports all build platforms!
    • Works with Windows, Mac and Linux editors!
    • Compatible with Unity 2017.4 – 2020
    • PlayMaker actions!


    Documentation (.pdf)

    API (.pdf)