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    Death from Above


    An entertaining Zombie Shooter

    You take the role of a sniper on the roof a of a building surrounded by zombies, in the middle of a city park. The gamee was our contribution to LudumDare 33 on the subject «You are the monster» and was developed within 72 hours.

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    You're on a roof, holding a sniper rifle in your hands. Obviously those zombies down there are your targets. Time to shoot, right?

    Hopefully you won't regret it.


    Navigate back and forth between the four sides of the roof. Aim, shoot, and beat the highscore!

    Key Features

    • Shooter: Aim, shoot, slow motion!
    • Zombie Apocalypse: That popular experience of which we are glad of it's not happening in the real world!


    FPS (First Person Shooter)

    Number of Players



    All platforms: Mouse & Keyboard

    Mouse movement - Look around, aim

    Right Mouse Button - Zoom

    Left Mouse Button | CTRL - Shoot

    Shift - Hold breath

    A / D - Move left / right

    Esc - Pause game


    WebGL, Windows, Mac, Linux


    Stefan Laubenberger

    Lucien Ryter

    Alessandro Rubino

    Fabian Wiktora