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    4 Dimensions


    A wizard in need for help

    4 Dimensions was our submission to LudumDare 30. The theme: «United Worlds».

    The game is subject to a theoretically simple principle; lead the wizard to the goal without falling into the holes. The crunchy thing about it: you do not control one wizard, but four. And that at the same time!

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    Bluedalf, an old wizard, has remained young in spirit. Still driven by the knowledge that he was constantly trying to nurture in the invisible library of the mysterious Academy of Bewildered wizards. Propably he's still doing that, right now, at this moment. Who knows?

    Where were we? Oh yes!

    Recently, our wizard discovered a scroll in the department for mysteriously mysterious and therefore inappropriate for home use department. He couldn't figure out the meaning of those ancient words. Feeling attacked by the obviously expressed doubt by Universe itself, he decided to prove his wisdom.

    So he began to recite the incantation formular: [This entry was, unfortunately, censored by the magical magician secret service of secret magical enchantments for unspecified (because TOP SECRET) reasons.

    The charm showed its effect, teleporting Bluedalf to an unknown, dark place - dividing him to four Bluedalfs. And there he stood, the corypha of magical sciences, as ordered and not picked up.

    Even if he would never admit it, he has no idea where he is.


    Guide the perplexed Bluedalf and his three fellow himselves through the co(s)mic maze!

    Key Features

    • 4 dimensions, one control: Use your multitasking skills to free Bluedalf from his predicament!
    • 3 different levels with animated background and great background music!
    • 2 factors; first: Rescue all Bluedalfs. Second: Hurry up!
    • 1 way: There is only one way to the goal!



    Number of Players




    W / A / S / D | Arrow Keys– Move the Bluedalfs


    Web, Windows, Mac, Linux


    Stefan Laubenberger; Idea, scripting, design, GUI, SFX