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    10 Seconds


    Treacherous Bubbles

    Our early mini project 10 Seconds was developed during the Epic Game Jam 2014. «First Time» was the theme – a target with not so reasonable room for interpretation.

    More hurdles were the 26 subtopics that followed during the jam.

    Nevertheless, we ultimately managed to create something that can show up!

    Download Windows-version
    Download macOS-version
    Download Linux-version
    Play WebPlayer-version


    The idea was to make some kind of interactive comic. After hours of preparation we realized our initial idea couldn't withstand the 26 subtopics. But we decided not to give up!

    That's how 10 Seconds, a game developed within 25 hours, containing all 26 subtopics, came to life!


    You get a topic, then there are bubbles to click. Click the proper bubble within 10 seconds. Missing the bubble or hitting a wrong one decreases your score.


    • 27 Levels to beat!
    • More than 60 hand drawn, unique pictures!
    • Three animated and randomly changing backgrounds!


    Point’n’Click, Puzzle

    Number of Players




    Left Mouse Button – Click the bubble


    Web, Windows, Mac, Linux


    Stefan Laubenberger; scripting, idea, design, GUI

    Stephan Balmer; graphics, idea

    Marisa Meyer; idea, SFX