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    Musik ist Liebe

    DJ is a must for everyone who loves music!

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    Linux demo

    As the name promises, it’s a solution to build the music player of your dreams – just like a real DJ.
    It adds and plays audio files from anywhere inside your application, it’s very configurable and you can add as many records, sets and turntables as you wish.

    DJ and turntables

    • Support for those audio formats on any platform:
      • MP3
      • OGG
      • XM
      • IT
      • MOD
      • S3M
      • WAV
      • AIFF
    • Export audio from a turntable or the whole session
    • Read the lyrics of the current track!
    • Open Spotify with the current track!
    • Tune into multiple turntables at the same time (and blend between records)
    • Reads tags like ID3
    • Reads and saves M3U and PLS files
    • Crossfade between turntables and records
    • Loop between start and end position
    • Cache tracks to play them with no delay (e.g. a piano)
    • Watchdog for file system changes
    • Performance: Very low impact on performance!
    • No limits: Does survive changing scenes! The music is not interrupted even during a load operation if necessary!

    Documentation & control

    • Test all audio tracks inside the editor!
    • Powerful API for maximum control!
    • Detailed demo scenes!
    • Comprehensive documentation and support!
    • Full C# source code in the PRO Version!


    • Supports all build platforms (except Web & WSA)
    • Works with Windows, Mac and Linux editors!
    • Compatible with Unity 5.3 – Unity 2018
    • Supports AR and VR!
    • Works with Online Check
    • Works with File Browser